Restoration of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal: Is it possible?

Just after its inauguration, Biden’s administration has taken certain term-marking decisions. Many of these decisions deal with the relationship between the United States of America and other countries. And among them, is an attempt to restore the nuclear deal with Iran. Although Biden seemed pretty confident about his plans, here are some reasons that make his success uncertain.

The 2018 withdrawal from the nuclear deal

First of all, Trump's government has frustrated Iran and the United States' great allies like Germany and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) by deserting the nuclear deal in 2018. Another thing that frustrated Iran and US allies is the hostile position that Trump's administration maintained toward the European Union (EU). This caused the European Union to doubt the United States. It would be difficult to rebuild the connections broken by President Trump and his government. It is almost unrealistic to expect President Joe Biden to succeed joining China, Russia, Germany and Iran to the same deal from which his predecessor broke.

Controversies about that relationship

During decades, the United States of America and Iran have been enemies and the sequels still continue to affect the relationships between the two countries. We should notice the history (the CIA-orchestrated coup during the 1950s, the infamous hostage crisis that happened at the embassy of the United States in Iran, for instance), constitute barriers to a real peace between Iran and the USA. Also, the constant threats of Iranian authorities against Israel, which is one of the first allies of the US, make the whole situation even worse. Plus, the slogan ‘’death to Americans’’ chanted by Iran populations along their streets continue to cause mistrust from each of the two sides, and the USA are under the constant fear of what could happen if Iran developed a nuclear weapon. That was a reason why Obama's government organised the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015 to neutralise the danger Iran represented to them.