Types of foods you must avoid to have a strong immune system

Eating is more than the simple fact of filling one’s stomach. The food you eat should be thoroughly chosen in order to maintain good health. There are foods you eat without having any basic knowledge about what is their impact on your body, only for the mere pleasure of eating what you want. From now on, beware of foods that weaken your immune system.

Salty Food / Fast Foods

Fast foods undoubtedly contain health-threatening quantities of salt. Tests on mice and human beings (volunteers) proved that when human beings consume up to more than six (06) grams of salt per day during a given period, they show ‘’pronounced immune deficiencies’’ (according to University of Bonn’s study). Now that you understand the danger to which you expose your immune system, you should avoid too salty foods as much as possible.

Added Sugar

Dieticians always advise us to control and limit the quantity of added sugar we eat through a day. Because, it’s been proved that foods which noticeably increase blood sugar, increase the production of inflammatory proteins. These proteins progressively weaken your immune system by destroying and preventing your immune cells (neutrophils and phagocytes) from fighting against infections and expose you to several immune diseases. As you can see, it is imperative to measure your intake of foods and beverages with a high quantity of added sugar (cake, ice cream, sugary).

Red Meat

Red meats are rich in acid that can weaken one’s immune system. In addition, it is also known that red meats are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which lead to immune dysfunctions.

Besides, to regulate your immune system, you are highly recommended to eat foods with (almost) equal quantities of both omega-3 fats and omega-6 fats or even those with more omega-3 fats than omega-6 fats. Because, indeed, omega-3 fats play the double role of inflammatory proteins inhibitors and immune function enhancers.